Myoban Hot Springs Okamotoya

Beppu Special Jigoku-mushi

Cuisine made with the exuberant hot springs gases

The quest for beautiful flavors is also part of the fun of traveling. One of the merits of the regional cuisine we will treat you to is the honesty with which the inherent flavor of the ingredients is brought to life. The sea of Beppu, entryway to the Bungo Channel, creates a seafood feast which we incorporate into the thought-out cuisine we serve. Please take your time enjoying it.
We would like for you to taste our local ingredients prepared in our unique regional way. In-season ingredients are steamed in an instant within the vapor of the hot springs. This special cuisine of Jigoku-mushi ("hell steamed") dishes, with their hearty arrangements and subtle flavors, is sure to make gourmands' mouths water.

Haute Cuisine Dinner

Local ingredients of the land and season, regional cuisine, etc. A creative cooking style determined by the ingredients and the season.

This well-established Japanese inn, operating since 1875, proudly conveys the traditions of the Meiji era, serving as an entryway to that time.


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For dinner, each and every dish is filled to the brim with seasonal ingredients unique to Oita. Our chefs prepare haute cuisine which displays their skill and attention to detail. We want you to enjoy local flavors as one of the joys of your journey. Please relish our hand-crafted flavor, down to its arrangement on the plate.

Specially selected Japanese beef steak from Kyushu

Enjoy a steak made from Japanese beef hand-picked from all of the prefectures in Kyushu. Its forte is its rich flavor, tenderness, and taste that seems to melt in your mouth.


"Hell-steamed" dishes cooked in a special steam kettle. Jigoku-mushi is a special cooking method unique to Beppu which condenses the umami of vegetables, fish, meat, and other ingredients.

Seki saba (mackerel)
Seki aji (jack mackerel)

Seki saba (horse mackerel) and Seki aji (chub mackerel) are brand-name fish representative of Oita which live in the strong currents and feed-rich waters of the Bungo Channel. The meat of these fish is firm, and their freshness, exceptional.

We can take orders of seki saba, seki aji, specially selected Japanese beef from Kyushu, puffer fish, jigoku-mushi, etc., according to your wishes. Please inquire about special orders consisting of anything else.

*The photo is an example. Because we use only in-season ingredients,
what we actually use may be different from what is pictured depending on the time of the year.

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Haute Cuisine Breakfast

Picture of Breakfast

Japanese dumpling soup

The perfect dish for breakfast, Japanese dumpling soup. Its warm miso is packed with vegetables and dumplings. Enjoy the tender taste of home.

Our breakfasts give utmost importance to local ingredients which best express the season. Starting with our Japanese dumpling soup, we offer food which is good for your health.

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The Dining Room

The Dining Room

The dining room has an extraordinary feeling of freedom given its expansive view of the arch of Myoban Bridge and the streets of Beppu City. Both dinner and breakfast are served in the dining room.

*Guests who wish to have meals served in their room (or who wish to dine together in a private room)
should make this request when making their reservation.

We also have a dining room with sunken kotatsu available.
If you would like to use this dining room, please reserve it in advance. tel.81-977-66-3228