Myoban Hot Springs Okamotoya

the Okamotoya's celadon green springs

The beautiful, soft celadon bath

The Myoban Sulfur Spring, with its cloudy green tint which could be likened to celadon porcelain, contains a great deal of sulfur. Hidden in this charming bath's mysterious color are medicinal effects and a soft touch. Enjoy azaleas in the early summer, and frolic in pomelo waters in winter. Entrust your body and mind to the outdoor bath in the garden, which displays the beauty of each season. The time spent becoming one with nature makes one feel such supreme bliss that no one would trade it for anything.

Open Air Bath


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With its mysterious pale-green hot water, the open-air bath is surrounded by lush greenery. The garden open-air bath is made to overlook the seasonal expressions of the surrounding natural scenery, offering a deeply soothing soak as well as a pleasant landscape throughout the year.

The men's bath

In this stone-lined bath, you can enjoy drinking spring water. Please drink it 30 minutes to an hour before a meal, or when fasting.

This is a 100% natural hot spring.
You can gaze out at Myoban Bridge from the window of the large public bath.

The women's bath

This hinoki bath, made of Japanese cypress, really calls to mind the feeling of a hot springs health resort.
These enchanting waters feel soft against the skin.

There is also a stone-lined bath available for women.
Its waters have been loved since days of old.
Commanding a unique atmosphere deriving from its long history, "Okamotoya" has alum hot springs especially praised for their exceptional health benefits among Beppu's eight famous hot springs. Loved by those seeking to take to the baths for medicinal purposes, Okamotoya has continued to provide comfort to many people throughout the generations.

About Hot springs
Spring quality Simple sulfur spring
Benefits Nerve pain, Sensitivity to cold, Skin diseases
Types of baths Large public bath, Open air bath, Free flowing bath directly from the spring source
Furnishings Hair dryer(Lending), Hair dryer(Some), Tooth brushing set, Razor, Hair brush, Towel, Bath towel, Bathrobe
Bathing time 15:00-23:00, 6:00-9:30
Precautions about drinking the spring water
  Please drink water that comes directly from the hot springs 30 minutes to an hour before a meal, or while fasting.
Drinking it after dinner, that is, before going to bed, should be avoided.
In general, the amount you drink each time should be about 3 to 7 ounces, with a total daily dose of about 7 to 34 ounces being best.