Okamotoya Myoban Hot Springs

A well-established Japanese inn with a long history and charming atmosphere.

One of the oldest inns within Myoban, the Okamotoya Inn has a charming atmosphere thanks to the mixture of buildings from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, a time span of over 110 years.

History of Myoban Onsen

Myoban Onsen was established in 1875.
The delights of the inn are the hot springs and its food, which it can proudly boast of, as well as the tranquil nature surrounding it.
Enjoy the kindest hospitality at Okamotoya, while immersed in an atmosphere that will let you feel history itself.

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The mysterious, celadon green hot spring

A cloudiness tinged with a faint blue, its depths conveying a long history all the way to the present.
The warm, tender waters go beyond all time, enveloping your body and soul.

The mysterious, celadon green hot spring001

The mysterious, celadon green hot spring002

The mysterious, celadon green hot spring003